Good Morning

Good Morning


Dry Goods

I found my way into Dry Goods** on my last shopping trip.  It was so cute.  I loved everything about it.  The tile floors, adorable accents, and (obviously) the fashion.  I bought a skirt, two dresses, and a red tank top (pictures on the way soon!)

dry goods

I was so excited about this shop, so today I looked online, hoping to find products to show you.  Unfortunately, I found the website.  Ew.  A website’s design is critical.  It completely molds the way you view the store and the products.  Their site is dark with bad pictures.  It does not adequately represent their brand.

xoxo serendipity with style

**It took all the willpower I had to link the website.  Seriously.  I just loved the clothes I bought too much to show the brand’s downfall.