DIY – How to Make Preppy Monogrammed Stickers

This has got to be one of my favorite tutorials.  I found these round Avery stickers in my basement and I immediately started making monograms!

I’ve used these on my water bottle, agenda, phone charger base, iPad case, and more.  So easy and cute!

Step 1:  Make your monogram with the tutorial here.


Step 2:  Buy your Avery labels.  I used these 1 5/8″ diameter glossy white stickers (the perfect size for iPad chargers!).  The 2″ and the 2 1/2″ stickers also work great.

Step 3:  Click here to design your sticker.  Enter the product number, which varies based on the size of the sticker.  For the 1 5/8″ stickers the number is 41461.  If you’re using another size, the number is located on the packaging.


Step 4:  This will lead you to the templates.  Select the plain white template, so you can design your own!  Click “images” and add the photo of your monogram.  Stretch the image to cover the entire circle.


Step 5:  Now click the green “Preview & Print” button.  Put the blank sticker sheets in the printer and print!  You’re done!

How simple, yet so cute!


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