DIY – How to Make a Monogram

Monograms are essential.  “If it doesn’t move, monogram it.”  Monograms can be added to almost anything, giving it a personal, preppy touch.


Once I discovered how to make a monogram in Word, so many doors opened.  I could monogram binder covers, stickers, and so much more.

Step 1:  Download the Monogram KK font from (free!)

Step 2:  Open a new document.  After downloading the font, it should be listed in the “font” drop down menu.

Step 3:  Add a new text box.  Select the Monogram KK font and type your last initial as a CAPITAL letter (for me, this is a V).  I used 150 pt as the letter size, but you can change it depending on how big or small you want your monogram.


Step 4:  Add a new text box and type your first initial, lowercase.  Repeat with your middle initial.  Layer the text boxes for the desired interlocking effect.  *I used Word 2010 to make my monogram, and when interlocking the letters, I went to “Format” then “Shape Fill” and selected “No Fill”*


*If your Monogram has the green grammar lines under the letters, right click and select “ignore once” to make them disappear*


Step 5: Screen shot your monogram (how to do this varies whether you have a mac or pc computer, use google if you don’t know how).


Yay!  Now go ahead and customize it however you want: change the color of the letters, or add a background.  To add a Lilly Pulitzer print in the background, find the image you’d like off of google.  Save the image to your computer and insert the image into the document.

Below are some of my monograms, feel free to use these ideas!

circlemonogram monogramroses


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