The Cabin Life

In the summer there is no where I’d rather be than my cabin.  There is something about suntanning on the dock, cooling off in the freshwater, and cruising on the boat that just doesn’t compare to city life.  Sunday night, the sky was clear.  We sat on the dock for hours watching the stars.  The Milky Way was sparkling, shooting stars darted around the sky, and the northern lights were slightly visible.  It’s these views that are unfortunately masked by light pollution in big cities.  It’s a shame the iPhone camera can’t capture what I saw.

If it wasn’t for the lake life, I wouldn’t know how much I love skiing (water skiing, that is), or how awesome it is being thrown from a water tube.  The lake life is late nights playing cards, waking up to sunrises and fresh pancakes, and spending every possible moment in the water.  If you don’t have access to a cabin, I would recommend driving to your nearest lake.  Right now.

My puppy likes the lake just as much as I do.

Spending the Fourth of July on the lake in a boat parade with other people who love this country, and the lake.

 Sometimes the sky does cool things.

Life is better at the lake.


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