Kate Spade Casual Saturday

Kate Spade Casual
This outfit has basic, inexpensive clothing (target sweater and ae jeans), combined with designer accessories.  Kate Spade designs chic, timeless items that look great with just about anything.

The Ultimate Guide to Long Sleeve Preppy T-Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Long Sleeve Preppy T-Shirts
I love long sleeve shirts.  I can’t stress this enough.  They work every season, and look nicer than short sleeve shirts while still being cute and casual.  These shirts from my polyvore are just some of my favorites.  Both Northern and Southern brands are featured here.
Serendipity with Style

DIY – How to Make Preppy Monogrammed Stickers

This has got to be one of my favorite tutorials.  I found these round Avery stickers in my basement and I immediately started making monograms!

I’ve used these on my water bottle, agenda, phone charger base, iPad case, and more.  So easy and cute!

Step 1:  Make your monogram with the tutorial here.


Step 2:  Buy your Avery labels.  I used these 1 5/8″ diameter glossy white stickers (the perfect size for iPad chargers!).  The 2″ and the 2 1/2″ stickers also work great.

Step 3:  Click here to design your sticker.  Enter the product number, which varies based on the size of the sticker.  For the 1 5/8″ stickers the number is 41461.  If you’re using another size, the number is located on the packaging.


Step 4:  This will lead you to the templates.  Select the plain white template, so you can design your own!  Click “images” and add the photo of your monogram.  Stretch the image to cover the entire circle.


Step 5:  Now click the green “Preview & Print” button.  Put the blank sticker sheets in the printer and print!  You’re done!

How simple, yet so cute!

DIY – How to Make a Monogram

Monograms are essential.  “If it doesn’t move, monogram it.”  Monograms can be added to almost anything, giving it a personal, preppy touch.


Once I discovered how to make a monogram in Word, so many doors opened.  I could monogram binder covers, stickers, and so much more.

Step 1:  Download the Monogram KK font from dafont.com (free!)

Step 2:  Open a new document.  After downloading the font, it should be listed in the “font” drop down menu.

Step 3:  Add a new text box.  Select the Monogram KK font and type your last initial as a CAPITAL letter (for me, this is a V).  I used 150 pt as the letter size, but you can change it depending on how big or small you want your monogram.


Step 4:  Add a new text box and type your first initial, lowercase.  Repeat with your middle initial.  Layer the text boxes for the desired interlocking effect.  *I used Word 2010 to make my monogram, and when interlocking the letters, I went to “Format” then “Shape Fill” and selected “No Fill”*


*If your Monogram has the green grammar lines under the letters, right click and select “ignore once” to make them disappear*


Step 5: Screen shot your monogram (how to do this varies whether you have a mac or pc computer, use google if you don’t know how).


Yay!  Now go ahead and customize it however you want: change the color of the letters, or add a background.  To add a Lilly Pulitzer print in the background, find the image you’d like off of google.  Save the image to your computer and insert the image into the document.

Below are some of my monograms, feel free to use these ideas!

circlemonogram monogramroses

The Great Lakes Collection

The Great Lakes Co is a Midwest brand that makes shirts perfect for a day at the lake, or a day you wish you were there.  If you haven’t heard of them before, go check them out.  Seriously.  Not only are their shirts swoon-worthy, but I also love their stickers.  These are only $2 on their site per sticker.


I’m planning on putting these on my agenda and water bottle, but for now their current home is on my bulletin board.


// comment if you want a DIY post on how to make the pink letters featured above //

The Great Lakes Collection has many other noteworthy items as well.  Below are my favorites.


// Cabin Crew – White $48 //


// Headin’ North – Long Sleeve $35 //


// Cabin Crew – Sky Blue $48 //


// Classic – Short Sleeve $30 //

The Cabin Life

In the summer there is no where I’d rather be than my cabin.  There is something about suntanning on the dock, cooling off in the freshwater, and cruising on the boat that just doesn’t compare to city life.  Sunday night, the sky was clear.  We sat on the dock for hours watching the stars.  The Milky Way was sparkling, shooting stars darted around the sky, and the northern lights were slightly visible.  It’s these views that are unfortunately masked by light pollution in big cities.  It’s a shame the iPhone camera can’t capture what I saw.

If it wasn’t for the lake life, I wouldn’t know how much I love skiing (water skiing, that is), or how awesome it is being thrown from a water tube.  The lake life is late nights playing cards, waking up to sunrises and fresh pancakes, and spending every possible moment in the water.  If you don’t have access to a cabin, I would recommend driving to your nearest lake.  Right now.

My puppy likes the lake just as much as I do.

Spending the Fourth of July on the lake in a boat parade with other people who love this country, and the lake.

 Sometimes the sky does cool things.

Life is better at the lake.