Interior Inspiration

There are so many interiors online.  So many.  Pinterest is full of ideas for styling and remodeling.  I chose a few favorites from my Interiors board on Pinterest for this post.  I love the colors, monograms, and the feel of each picture.  Enjoy!

room 1

// image //

room 2

// image //

room 3

// image //

room 4

// image //

room 5

// image //

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The Best of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Ah.. nothing quite like a summer Friday except a summer Saturday.  I spent my morning searching through the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale for the best Kate Spade picks.

ks pink

“North Court – Bow Stacey’ pebbled leather wallet (Nordstrom Exclusive) Sale $84.90 (after sale $128)

ks sunglasses

‘Shawna’ 56 mm polarized sunglasses (Nordstrom Exclusive) Sale $109.9 (after sale $165)

ks watch

‘Metro’ mother-of-pearl leather strap watch 34 mm sale $129 (after sale $195)

ks tote

‘Cedar Street – Small Jensen’ leather tote sale $218.90 (after sale $328)

ks happy hour

‘metro – happy hour’ leather strap watch, 34 mm (Nordstrom Exclusive) sale $116.90 (after sale $175)

Those were my 5 favorite Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale Kate Spade picks.  Let me know your favorites in the comments!

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Dry Goods

I found my way into Dry Goods** on my last shopping trip.  It was so cute.  I loved everything about it.  The tile floors, adorable accents, and (obviously) the fashion.  I bought a skirt, two dresses, and a red tank top (pictures on the way soon!)

dry goods

I was so excited about this shop, so today I looked online, hoping to find products to show you.  Unfortunately, I found the website.  Ew.  A website’s design is critical.  It completely molds the way you view the store and the products.  Their site is dark with bad pictures.  It does not adequately represent their brand.

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**It took all the willpower I had to link the website.  Seriously.  I just loved the clothes I bought too much to show the brand’s downfall.

Finds of the Day | 7.15.2015

My week started off a successful shopping venture (more to come about that soon).  So today, when a trip to the mall wasn’t an option, I scoured online for new picks.

scalloped bag scalloped bag 2

Kate Spade Lily Avenue Carrigan $238

How cute is this?  Seriously.  It’s scalloped, pink (although also available in other colors at various retailers).  Not to mention it’s Kate Spade, one of my all time favorite designers.

shep 2

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt $98

I love the fit of this.  It would work in all different weather.  It’s casual, but still looks nice.  Definitely worth the price. 
shorts blueLilly Pulitzer 5″ Buttercup Scallop Hem Shorts $64

Lilly Pulitzer does it again.  I’m obsessed (did I mention before how much I love scallops?)  There are so many colors and prints.  Love.

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Interior Inspiration – Design Darling

I love Design Darling.  Mackenzie’s use of color, decor, and art while maintaining a constant theme is perfect.  She’s a huge inspiration and I would highly recommend checking out her blog and shop (if you haven’t already).

interior2 // image //

This apartment is literally picture perfect.  My favorite pieces in this picture are the mughal mirror, the couch, the bow back chair, and the porcelain vases.  So naturally I featured those pieces in my version of this room.  Links to the items are below.
interior polyvoreMughal Mirror $349 // mirrored end tables $897 // sofa $1199.99 // back bow chair $295 // quarter foil pillow $20 (sale $13) // monogram pillow $30 // drink more gin print // porcelain vase $249 // lemons wall art $189 // pineapple jar $24.99

Created on my Polyvore.

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Elephant Decor

Elephants are majestic, graceful creatures.  But better yet, elephants make adorable decorative items.  Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe it.  Certain elephants are functional (adorable end table anyone?) and some are just decorative (cute bookend?)  I created a list of a few favorites that I stumbled upon.

elephant side table

// Elephant Side Table $275 //


// elephant salt and pepper shakers $13 //


// blue elephant $19.99 //


// orange elephant $19.99 //


// Kate Spade New York Woodland Park Elephant Bank $50 //


// ceramic elephant planter $38 //

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Daily Finds – Pineapple Jars

Once again, I found two pieces of cute decor.  One affordable, and one more costly.  The green jar from Francesca’s costs $24, compared to the $60 white jar from Design Darling.  Both jars are 11″ by 6″ and the only noticeable difference is the color.  *Design Darling also sells a smaller version of the white jar for $35*

green jar

// Green Pineapple Jar $24 //


// White Pineapple Jar $60 //

Cute… I want both!  I love the fresh look of the white pineapple, but the green pineapple is cute (and a great deal comparatively).  So what do you think?  Is the jar worth $60?  Or do you prefer the cheap, fun colored option?

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